Why Homeopathic treatment?

Homeopathy has a very promising role in the treatment of cervical spondylosis. The long term results of homeopathy are very encouraging. Homoeopathic treatment of cervical spondylosis is dependant upon an important factor i.e. amounts of degenerative changes that have taken place in the bones and the disk. In other words the extent of damage to your spine will determine the speed at which your problem gets cured and also to what extent you get cured. In cases where there are mild to moderate changes in the cervical spine the cure is much faster and the recovery is very substantial. In advanced cases where multiple disk prolapses have occurred, the recovery will be slow and at times will be limited.

Remember homeopathy primarily is symptom based system of medicine. The medicine is determined by ones individual symptoms. For example a patient who is suffering from numbness in the arm along with the pain in the neck would require a different medicine from the one who has vertigo with pain in neck. Homoeopathic medicine Guaicum, lachnanthes and Rhus Tox are very useful in treating pain and stiffness of the neck. In cases where numbness and pain in arms is associated with cervical spondylosis Paris Quadrifolia and Kalmia latifolia work wonders. Calcarea Flour is often used for dissolving the bony outgrowths on the vertebrae. Conium Maculatum is indicated when vertigo is associated with spondylosis.

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